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Salon Nuance is owned by stylists therefore it has the ability to understand the needs and desires of the persons in which it employs. The goal of Salon Nuance is simple yet profound, it is simply this:

Salon Nuance will welcome all who are of the highest professional and artistic abilities and provide to them a workplace to develop their careers to any plateau, only to be restricted by the ceiling of their dreams. Every client will be valued, treated with the highest respect and provided with both the best service and workmanship consistently.

We have no desire to follow the path that many salons have taken up until now. Many of us have worked for salons of low quality, standards and that have no interest in the treatment and success of its staff or the happiness, treatment and workmanship performed on its clients.

For Salon Nuance to be successful there is one requirement that must be met or it will never reach its goals.

“Every employee must consider themselves part of the team and realize their success influences and depends upon the success of every other team member.”

Salon Nuance will become a sanctuary for all who search for an environment of professionalism and the highest possible standards, and will enable all employees to enjoy arriving at work and leave feeling fulfilled and financially rewarded. We will stay on top of new technology and service techniques.

Working as a team we will succeed as a team.