Eyelash Coloring & Eyelash Extensions
Name Description Cost
Novalash eyelash extensions 350+
Novalash eyelash extension maintenance 175+
Eyelash tinting 35+
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Short description

Eyelash extensions can make your eyes literally look like they are exploding off of your face. Your eyes should be the focal point of your face. Your eyes should be the first thing about your face that others notice and create an unforgettable memory because of their beauty. They are the gateway to your soul. Eyelash extensions create beauty and drama as well as save you a lot of time with mascara and curlers. The success of eyelash extensions as with any extension application is determined by the talent of the artist and the quality and safety of the products used. For this reason we only use Novalash eyelash extensions because they are the best in quality and safety. The entire line has been created by two doctors and the products are manufactured under strict supervision in the USA. This ensures quality as well as purity of the product. You do not want anything near your eyes that are not medical grade or are produced outside of the states where there is very little control over production. Please read about Novalash on their website and you will quickly agree with me that this is the only brand of eyelash extensions that you will want used on your eyes.