Hair Additions & Wigs

Hair additions and wigs are a savior for a person’s happiness and self-confidence. Anyone who has experienced any type of hair loss whether due to a medical issue, an injury, a form of Alopecia or simply genetic hair loss or age related hair loss can be left looking at their reflection in the mirror feeling unhappy, not feeling like themselves and in even more extreme cases can find themselves missing out on life because they do not feel happy with their appearance and do not want others to see them. A previously strong and confident person can be changed into feeling unworthy, unconfident and depressed.

Hair obviously then is very powerful when it can be restored so that a person feels like they are themselves again. Using the most current technologies, we offer men and women alternatives to hair loss. We can create hair additions and wigs that are made with the finest French lace, strong synthetic meshes or even skin base materials that can be bonded to your scalp with medical grade skin adhesives that make it look like the hair is growing directly out of your scalp. With all skin bases that we use they are completely transparent so that your own scalp shows through and it absolutely appears that the hair is growing directly out of your scalp. Skin bases can be designed with different gauges or thicknesses so that they can be worn many times or so they are so thin that they are almost completely undetectable even by you. These forms of hair replacement representing the most advanced solutions that are currently available and are the closest options that a person can choose to recreate their natural hair in a way that the hair appears to be growing directly out of their scalp both to themselves and others. These solutions are the best most realistic options available today and can only be improved upon in appearance through hair graft surgery. For a person who does not want to have hair graft surgery or is not a candidate then the solutions we offer may be the right choice.

As everyone’s hair loss situation is very unique and very personal it is necessary for a consultation where we can analyze the cause of hair loss and determine the best solution for the best possible outcome and the individual’s lifestyle.

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