Hair cutting and styling
Name Description Cost
Womens haircut & style master stylist - 75+
Owner – 95+
Mens haircut 48+ to 55+
Blowdry 48+
Blowdry with curling or flat iron 55+
Hair extensions blowdry and curl 75+
Up-do (charge based on complexity and time ) 100+ to 150+
Up-do with blow out (charge based on complexity and time) 100+ to 150+
Up-do with ornamentation - add to price 15+
Specialized reconstructing treatment 35+
From our work
Short description

The staff of Salon Nuance have invested considerable time in hair cutting styling advanced training to be able to provide you with a cut that can be trendy, contemporary, fashion forward, geometric and business appropriate to mention a few possible choices. The consultation gives you and your stylist the ability to discuss what style will be the correct choice for your lifestyle and face shape so you will leave the salon excited with the final result. We will also teach you during your visit how to maintain your hairstyle and what you can do to repeat the look when you are home. If you have questions after your visit with us we are always available to answer your questions, your care from us does not end just because your visit at the salon has finished, we are here for you. We do not believe in interrupting any clients appointment with us, when you are in our salon it is your time, so if you call, e-mail or text us and we cannot immediately respond, we will get back with you as soon as we have an availability.

Hair cutting styling techniques include scissor, razor and clipper cutting. Advanced training in these techniques have been acquired from training institutions and seminars throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Using a combination of advanced cutting techniques and combining advanced cutting techniques allows the stylist to be able to create and or recreate any style. As all haircuts are made up of only three cutting techniques: one length, graduation and layering, it is up to the stylist to know not only what tools they need to create the desired look but what cutting techniques are needed and where it is necessary to employ them in the haircut to create the finished look that the client desires.