Hair Extensions
Name Description Cost
Keratin Extensions Hot Fusion Approximate lifespan: 4 months
Hot fusion is an individual hair extension method where hair extensions with a keratin tip are fused to your own hair using heat around the same temperature as a curling or flat iron. These bonds are hand rolled and create a bond that is cylindrical and similar to the end of a shoelace. These cylindrical bonds blend in nicely with the hair and are especially nice around the front of the head where blending of the bonds is extra important. The downsides are that keratin erodes so extra care needs to be taken but this provides an excellent hair extension method and is often utilized in conjunction with other hair extension methods.
1400+ ( keratin bonds applied with heat )
Keratin Cold Fusion Approximate lifespan: 4 months
Cold fusion is a method using a sound wave machine to attach a keratin tipped hair extension. The sound waves pass through the keratin and soften the keratin using friction. This creates a nice strong bond without heat. The bond is also relatively flat which allows there to be more surface area for the hair which gives more coverage and it feels more comfortable to the touch or when laying on them. The keratin bonds are different than an adhesive. They are a synthetic version of the keratin protein that your hair is made of so it gives a nice strong bond. The synthetic keratin is different enough from natural keratin so a solvent can be used to break down the synthetic keratin without any harm to your own keratin protein during the removal process. The downside is that keratin protein erodes from water and oils so more care is needed to keep it healthy but with proper care it is an excellent extension method. After removal the hair cannot be used again.
1500+ ( keratin bonds applied with ultra sound waves – no heat )
Micro-link or I-tip Approximate lifespan: 4 months
Microlinks or I-tips are an excellent hair extension method and have become our favorite method. Using a special tool we draw a section of your hair through a metal tube made of either copper or aluminum and sometimes filled with a silicone sleeve and then insert a pre-bonded hair extension with an end called an I-tip into the metal tube. Another special tool is used to squeeze the tube and flatten it which then locks the hair extension to your hair. As no heat, adhesives or keratin is used, some think this method is safer on the hair. It is a breeze to remove the hair extensions and in this method the hair can be used again one time which makes the second application less expensive when using the same hair again. This method is an individual hair extension method which gives the most realistic look in movement and appearance. This method also has the benefit of the bonds being colored to your hair color which blends them in well and they are also the smallest bonds available which makes them more comfortable, easier to conceal and easier to style.
1350+ ( if Exclusive hand picked hair extensions - 1500+ )
Micro-link or I-tip removal and re-application Approximate lifespan: 4 months 950+
Tape-in 6 – 8 weeks
Tape- In hair extensions are an excellent semi-permanent hair extension. This method uses a thin poly based strip that has hair attached to it by a method called ventilating which is a technique used in wig making. Two strips are placed together using a thin strip of your hair in between. This allows the section of your hair to work as a team to support the hair extension so it places less stress on your hair. This method goes in fairly quickly, usually around two hours. It needs to be removed approximately every six weeks but the hair can have new tapes added and be re-applied. The re-application visit lasts longer because the hair extensions need to be removed, re-taped and re-applied. Using the same hair extensions again allows the re-application visit to be less expensive than the initial visit even though the labor cost is more because the cost of hair zero since you are using the same hair extensions over again. The downside is that the tape hair extensions start to show more easily as they grow away from the scalp and become harder to style but they feel back to new when re-applied.
Weft with Micro link 6 – 8 weeks
Weft extensions are a fantastic way of quickly and more affordably adding hair extensions to your own hair. Wefts are hairs that have been sewn by hand or by a machine to a string. The preferred way we like to attach the weft hair extensions to our clients hair is by using silicone lined microlinks. These offer a great hold while and are quite quick to apply. They need to be removed and re-attached approximately every four to six weeks. If cared for the weft hair extensions can be applied over and over again using the same hair for up to a year. The downside is they do not feel as nice or move as realistically as individual extensions.
Clip-in you remove & re-apply
Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent temporary choice. They are ideal for the client who is only interested in sprucing up their look for a night on the town, an event or a short period of time. They must be removed at night otherwise the clips can damage your own hair but with a short lesson from your stylist and a little practice you will be able to be an expert at applying them quickly and correctly. They can be styled either on or off the head. Relatively speaking they are considered very inexpensive for hair extensions with the price depending on how many pieces you need, the length and the quality of hair. Quality of hair is the most important factor in all hair extensions. If cared for clip in hair extensions can be worn over and over again for a year or more. The con is that they are not as realistic as individual extensions.
Extension maintenance visit Free if you are our client. During this short visit we will examine you hair extensions and look for any problems that may be occurring. If there are any problems we will correct them and teach you how to avoid them in the future. If you are using Itip or microlink individual hair extensions we will replace up to 10 individual hair extensions during this visit. If you need more replaced, which would be unlikely, we can do this for a fee. Please make sure you let us know if you need more that 10 hair extensions replaced so we can adjust your appointment time to accommodate the extra work. 75+
Extension removal
( free with purchase of new extensions )
To remove your extensions we use different techniques depending on the type of hair extensions that you have. Safety to your own hair is our number one priority so we only use the very best products and tools to perform this service. Our years of training have also allowed us to develop very intricate techniques to remove your hair extensions safely. 350+
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Short description

Hair extensions are our specialty. We love doing them because they help so many of our clients achieve the hair of their dreams. From the moment a client sits in our chair to start their hair extensions journey it is exciting, and at the end of the appointment the results are breathtakingly dramatic. We offer many different brands and types of hair extensions so that we can fit the needs of our clientele and give them what will be best for them. We only use companies that provide grade A 100% human Remi hair. Human hair is a commodity and is sold at auction to the highest bidder. The companies I work with use hair brokers to directly buy hair from the donor or to buy only the grade A quality hair sold at action. They only use grade A quality hair so I do not need to worry about the hair quality that I am applying to my clients. Grade A hair quality can exist in any ethnicity so depending on my client I will match their hair in Texture, colour and ethnic background to get a flawless and seamless transition from their own hair into the hair extensions. Some companies I work frequently with are: SOCap, Greatlengths, Hotheads, Flashpoint and Ultratress.

Full Head Extensions: Prices can be affected by both the amount of hair needed and length of hair needed. We offer you to come in and meet with us for a complementary consultation so we can quote you a price for exactly what you want. The prices below are generally correct in most cases for hair lengths up to 18” with normal density. Most individual extensions last 4 months for the average client although that time can be both shortened or lengthened based on your own personal hair density, strength and shedding rate as well as how well you take care of your hair extensions. We will train you on care and maintenance of your hair extensions during your hair extensions visit with us to make sure that you know everything that you need to know about hair extensions to be very proficient and confident in taking care of them. This care will give you a longer time with your hair extensions and keep them tangle free and beautiful while you are wearing them.

We do not forget about you after you leave the salon wearing your hair extensions. We are going to be with you the entire time. You will receive complementary visits with us so we can make sure that you are caring for your hair extensions properly, and if there are any issues we can correct them and get you back on track. Think of us as your hair extension manager. We are here to help you and take care of you through your journey.

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