Make-up, Weddings and VIP services

For your wedding or special event we are able to accommodate your styling needs. Have your hair blow out smooth and silky or maybe styled into loose tossled waves. If you need a formal look we will sculpt your hair into a gorgeous up style. For in salon prices refer to our services tab and locate the service you need.

If you are in need of off-site services, this can be arranged with proper notice. We charge $200 per hour per stylist. If you are within walking distance we do not charge for travel time. If more time is needed for us to arrive at your location we charge $90 per hour for travel time. If you need an entire day we can work out a complete rate including travel time that can be for a set amount of time and a final price can be negotiated. You may also with proper notice reserve our entire salon for a VIP or for a group event. The price differs according to which day of the week it is. This is a convenient way for a business to entertain out of town guests, for a VIP to have complete privacy or for a group such as a band or performer to use as a staging area. Please contact us at .for an estimate on reserving the salon.

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